B in English

“B” – Car


To start the course necessary:

  • You are elder than 18,
  • A filled and sign in application form and contract  (we give you in our office)
  • Passport or ID,
  • Address card,
  • Residence permit,
  • Your (foreign) driving licence (if you have),
  • Medical certificate from doctor,
  • You must pay the first part of your course.
  • You need to have the certificate of your elementary or high school diploma officially translated into Hungarian.



1)       Theoretical course
(Rules of the road, General knowledge of traffic, car mechanics, driving theory)

E-learning theory course:

(What that mean E-learning theory course? E-learning KRESZ education = preparation for the KRESZ exam without classroom education. E-learning is a new education program accepted by the National Transport Authority what is fully prepares for the theory exam and entitles you to receive on official theoretical exam.  You do not have to go a classroom because of the education, comfortably at home, you can prepare for your theoretical exam. After the registration, you can start the program on your computer, laptop or tablet. You only need internet.)


E-learning theoretical education fee:

40.000 Ft (180 days or 75 hours access time)

If you need more access time, you can order more (30 days or 10 hours) for 8.000 Ft.


You find the e-learning demo here.


You have to finish e-learning course 8 days before your exam.


The student must take the Theoretical exam within nine months from the start of the course, and must take a successful Theoretical exam within one year from the start of the course. And with in two years of the successful Theoretical exam you must take a successful Driving practical exam, otherwise the previous exams will get lost, and you will be required to start the course from the beginning.


2)      Theoretical (KRESZ) exam fee:         4.600 Ft.

The exam will be a computer test exam in English.

Address of the exam: Szeged, Kereskedő köz 3-5.


3)      Driving practice

One lessons fee: 7.000 Ft  (50 minutes a period of driving)

You can drive at an automatic gear-change car or an electric car too!

According to Hungarian laws 29 lessons of driving are required.

If you need more driving lessons, you can take it in a same price.

When you are driving, you can meet your teacher at the place you agreed to previously.


4)      Practical driving exam fee:  11.000 Ft

+ 1 hour of exam (for the teacher): 7.000 Ft

+ Official interpreter has to be present at the exam, if you can’t speak Hungarian at all (extra cost)


You can not change the order of the exams, or the lessons. (You have to pass first the theoretical exam, than you can drive at routine, and after at least 9 hours, then drive at least 21 hours in traffic, you are allowed to take traffic exam.)


To get your driving licence you have to:

  • Finish exams,
  • Have your residence permit valid for at least 6 months,
  • Medical certificate from doctor,
  • First Aid Card*
  • Visit the Registration Office with the documents mentioned above.


*You can get it form Hungarian Red Cross by take the exam. (Info: Vöröskereszt – 1051 Budapest, Arany János u. 31.; 061/ 374 1300). First Aid Exam Fee is 8.200 Ft + Official interpreter has to be present at the exam, if you can’t speak Hungarian at all (extra cost).


For more information please contact at aticsaszarne@aticsaszarne.hu or visit our office at

Szeged. Moszkvai körút 11.